5 Important Vehicle Routine Maintenance Tips

Important Vehicle Routine Maintenance Tips

Regular or daily maintenance of the vehicle maintains the potential of your vehicle and . You can perform the basic maintenance on your car such as washing, dusting, etc on your own, or you can hire the professional for car detailing or washing. If you want to keep your vehicle on good condition then daily maintenance is compulsory. It is also helpful in the safety of your life and your family member’s life. In this article we have created an informative checklist of the car maintenance.

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Take care of your tires

Tires are the most important part of a vehicle. If we say that the tires keep your car running on any surface, it won’t be wrong. Tires are made to tolerate heavy loads, extreme braking and speed, severe weather and also rough terrain. But the strength of their tires depends on the proper care that the owners provide. The best way to keep your tires in good shape and make them last longer there are a few things you can do. Keep tires properly inflated, pay special attention to seasonal changes and rotate regularly as specified by the manufacturer. Proper vehicle alignment is also required for longer use of tires. Use a quality tire sealant, if your tire has a drill, repair it as soon as possible, otherwise it will damage your tire. Doing so will ensure that you get the maximum life of each tyre without early wear and tear becoming a problem.

Change Oil on Time

Oil is like blood in the heart of your vehicle (engine). It acts as a lubricant, preventing important engine parts from rubbing each other and damaging the engine. Engine oil that is not changed regularly can damage the engine, as accumulated pollutants cause friction and scrubbing parts. What kind of oil should be used, whether conventional or synthetic? Synthetic oil costs twice as much compared to the price of convention or nonsynthetic oils, but it also lasts twice as long as conventional engine oils with its superior formula that resists degradation in extreme temperature environments. Instead of requiring an oil change every 3 months, many drivers can extend this maintenance schedule by up to 5 or 6 months, reducing the amount of oil and oil filters that should be recycled each year.

Battery Maintenance

The electrical components of your car need electricity to keep running. This electricity is supplied by the battery. A battery should last several years without problems, but if not properly cared for, its life can be greatly reduced. Proper care for the car battery should include proper cleaning and charging. If it is a dry battery, keep it well charged by driving and if it is a liquid battery, check its water. You should also resist the temptation to use accessories such as high voltage stereo systems for long periods without running the engine. If possible, check battery water levels regularly, and if you don’t drive for long periods, unplug the battery or keep the battery healthy by starting your vehicle for some time or using a solar charger.

Maintain Brakes in Good Condition

If you are traveling at 90 miles per hour and want to slow down or want to stop your car at once, you will have to apply the brakes. Good brakes can play a vital role in an emergency. To keep the brakes in excellent shape and make them work properly at any time required, you must do a thorough check on the brakes. To increase the life of brake pads or shoes, apply the brakes correctly, do not do insensitive braking, if the braking is too much, then change the brake pad after each interval specified by the manufacturer. Take your vehicle to a professional mechanic and ask him to check the rotors and tweezers. Drivers who accelerate and brake severely not only waste gasoline and increase their cars’ emissions, but also ruin the brakes faster, which is just a waste of money. By allowing your vehicle to stop gradually, you must time the moment you release the throttle or lower the manual transmission, this way you can significantly reduce brake wear. His driving style also impacts directly on his brakes and tires.

Alter your windshield wipers

Having high-quality windshield wipers helps units to be safe on the road. When rain, snow and dirt splash on the windshield and your vision gets blurry or sometimes even blocked and you can seriously endanger yourself and other drivers as well. Not to mention that all this dirt and debris become annoying and make you lose focus as well. That’s why it’s important to upgrade your windshield wipers from time to time to ensure safer and more enjoyable rides. Keeping cleaners fresh and in good condition will ensure you don’t end up with blurry vision. Professional mechanics recommends replacing windshield wipers in routine maintenance.