13 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally In 2019


Listening to songs has been a part of every people’s lives, be it vocal or instrumental. A song is how we express our emotions, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs that we can’t articulate on a daily basis. And as time goes by, new ways have been developed to enjoy and listen to songs whenever and wherever we are.

Fortunately, most songs are now free and downloadable which is a far cry from those days wherein you need to buy a cassette tape, CD, or DVD just to listen to them. It only proves that the internet can give you much free stuff, free songs being one.

Top Free music Download Sites

There are a lot of sites today that people can use to download their favorite music for free. Good thing there are websites that offer free music because it won’t cost them anything. Take your cues from these 13 best free music download sites.

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive (FMA) was a popular website that provided access to a vast collection of free, legal music downloads.

there were several reasons why it was considered one of the best free music download sites. Firstly, the music available on FMA was legal and free to download, ensuring users were not infringing on copyrights.

FMA had an extensive music collection spanning various genres and styles. It featured a wide range of independent artists and lesser-known musicians, making it a great platform for discovering new and unique music.

The majority of the music on FMA was licensed under Creative Commons, allowing artists to share their work while retaining certain rights. This licensing model promoted creativity and encouraged the free distribution and use of music.

FMA had a strong community of curators who created playlists and collections of music based on different themes, genres, and moods. This made it easy for users to explore and discover music tailored to their preferences.


  • Wide range of music genres to explore
  • Creative Commons licensing for legal and free music downloads
  • Curated playlists and collections for easy music discovery
  • Detailed artist profiles with background information
  • User-friendly interface for effortless browsing and searching
  • Community engagement through comments and interactions



This site is one of the most popular music sites people visit to download their favorite soundtracks. This is known to be one of the best alternatives to sites that ask people to subscribe to them in exchange for monthly payments. You can search for your favorite music, bands and even albums in the search bar.

You can use the tags linked to different artist posted in this site to search for the songs you want. Even though most of the music here is free, some songs require the person to hit the like button on some social media sites for them to get the song for free. By clicking the free download button, free music will be downloaded automatically.


jamendoIf you’re a fan of indie songs or songs that were covered by different bands and artist, then Jamendo is the best music website for you. You can also use this site to support upcoming artists by downloading or listening to their songs. Also, it has six different languages in it which makes it easier for people to use.


noisetradeNoiseTrade is perfect music websites where you can download music and support the artist at the same time through giving a tip to them. You are not obliged to do so, and it’s up to you if you’re going to do it or not. When trying to download the whole album, you will be receiving a ZIP file which contains the music you downloaded.

For you not to be confused when looking for new albums, you can click the top download option in this site to help you with this kind of problem. This site also offers audiobook and ebook for authors that would like to share their masterpiece.


reverbnationThis site is the reason why bands like The Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes, and Imagine Dragons got famous. ReverbNation can help any upcoming artist or aspiring artist to promote their songs or albums by sharing them in the site. It has an impressive catalog, and you will be able to see also the next artists to hit it big in the music scene in the preceding years.

Helping out aspiring bands or artists is not that difficult. You just have to follow the specific guidelines of the site for you to be able to promote and support them at the same time. Listening to music and helping other bands to be known can be done with the help of this best music website.


musopenIf you love classical music, then you should check this great music website. MUSOPEN is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the accessibility and preservation of classical music. Users can search different classical compositions based on instruments and the time period.

Classical music has specific impacts on some people because of the passion they have for genres like these. Some people say that listening to music like these gives out relaxing and soothing feeling to them.


soundclickSoundClick is another site that offers free music. You can search different types of song and then download it anytime you want. You can also use the music charts they have for you to see the titles and genres of other song posted on this site. You can also make your customized radio stations. By doing this, you’ll get a chance to get to know other listeners.

Signing in won’t be a problem since it’s not required and necessary at all. Some songs that are posted in here needs to be bought. Hence, looking for the ones that are free should be your number one priority for you to enjoy all the types of music you’ve downloaded.


amazonAmazon is a well-known site because of the things they sell online. If you’re planning to download free music, you can also try Amazon. The downloading process is the same as the process of purchasing something, but the only difference is, the music you’ll be downloading are all free. You will also see it in the Digital orders tab of your order history.

If you’re interested in downloading music from this site, all you have to do is to click the button that says FREE to add the songs you chose to your cart. The next thing you need to do is to place them as your order the same as ordering something from them online. A link will be sent to you afterward saying that you can now download the music you chose.


purevolumeThis site is excellent a community for people who love music very much. An aspiring artist can also upload their compositions on this site for them to share their music with other people. It is the perfect site for people who want to look and download free music. You can also help the artist by downloading or listening to the music they’ve created.

You don’t have to worry about anything because all downloads that will be done on this site is all legal. If you’re one of the aspiring artists of today’s generation, you can upload your music in this site. You can also make your profile without paying anything.

Internet Archive (Audio Archive)

Internet Archive offers not only free music but also brings radio programs, audiobooks, live music, and podcasts. The categories in this site are not organized, but users can sort the songs that are available according to the language it has, the year it was published, and the creator. Millions of songs are on this site, so there are a lot of choices for the listeners.

Downloading music from this site is not that hard though the categorization it has isn’t that good, you can still look at different types of music that would fit your taste. Being patient when searching for a song can help you find the songs or albums you’re looking for.


cctraxWhen planning of downloading good music, make sure to check this great music website for you to get it for free without worrying about any subscription and other fees. This site’s layout is so presentable that you’ll enjoy searching for your favorite songs while downloading some of it at the same time. It also has a lot of categories of music for music lovers to enjoy.

This site also offers a lot of categories for music lovers such as Dub, Ambient, Techno, Electronica and many more. You have to make your account to listen or download music from awesome music website. In fact, there is a way for you download the whole album of your favorite band all at once. So that you won’t be downloading their songs one by one.


qtraxQTRAX is a site that provides the latest songs for free. They have a catchy slogan which is “ Free Now, and Free Forever.” Free music for everyone to listen is their number one priority. You can download different genres of music and listen to them offline. Downloading music has no limit so you can download as many as you want to.


soundowlSoundOwl is a site where bloggers, artists, and labels can share their music for everyone in the world to see and listen. Such a site can help aspiring artists to be popular and to be discovered by favorite recording companies. If you have doubts about the legality of this site, you can try reading the DMCA page they have for clarifications.


last fmIf you’re fond of listening to music through radio stations and kinds of music that are in MP3 format, then you should probably try this one. They may not have an extensive collection of music, but you can still download free music and listen to the local radio station whenever you want. And the best thing about it? No registration and subscription needed!.


Having your collection of songs in your phone, tablet, or computer can be an overwhelming feeling especially if you’re a music lover. Downloading different types of music through the help of the internet is one of the fastest and effective ways people can do.

If you’re a music lover, then all you have to do is search for sites that offer free music without having to subscribe or register to the said site. You have to be patient and wise at the same time for you to have your favorite music without spending anything at all.