10+ Tips on How to Choose Your Animation App

Tips on How to Choose Your Animation App

Are you scratching your head about how to choose your animation app? Don’t worry, we are here with some best tips to help you with this!

Animations act as a powerful marketing tactic that can be used for advertisements, online videos, presentations, etc. It helps to capture the attention of the potential customers very easily and helps to communicate with them. Other than this, you can make a lasting impression on the audience. 

However, animation creation is not a cheap hobby to follow. You need a computer with good configuration, drawing tablets, and animation software. Even so, there are many free animation software available that you can go for. But the market has abundant options. So, how will you choose the best animation app?

Here we have shared some best tips on how you can choose your animation app!

How can you choose your animation app: best tips!

Choosing the right animation app for your animation project can be a little tricky because of the advancements in technology. However, you can find some counting differences in different apps in terms of performance, robustness, or ease of use. So, there are some basic factors to consider before you choose your animation app being one of the best productivity apps for you. 

Continue to read what they are!

Ease of use

While you choose your animation app, you should always focus on the ease of using the application. As everybody is busy with so much work, no one wants to spend time figuring out how the software works. 

The best animation app should be easy to use for all whether you are a beginner or expert. Before finalizing, you can always try the selected app to thoroughly check its features and experience using it. 

Compatibility check

There is no use of any software if it is not compatible with the system you are using. So, before you choose your animation app, make sure it is compatible with your computer’s configurations. You should double-check the specific compatibility checklist. Some of them include:

  • Operating system compatibility is needed for particular apps.
  • The type of the processor you are using.
  • The requirements of the graphics card.
  • The amount of memory required to work seamlessly with the app.

All information will help you to choose the best animation app as compatible with the system. 

Determine the scope and target platform

Before spending your hard-earned money on any software, you should consider its scope and the platform for which you are doing animations. 

  • Firstly decide whether you want to do animation for a desktop application, web-based application, or mobile application.
  • Make a detailed structure of the capabilities you want to include in the animation project. 

After you know the basic requirements, you can easily choose the best one. 


You can’t get an animation app that contains all the features you require and excludes what is not needed. So, you should always choose an animation app that has features for adding plugins or extensions as required. Such kinds of applications will give you more freedom with abundant options to do advanced animation. 

Installing free animation software gives you adequate exposure and creation capabilities to create your animations too without spending a penny. You can select from a huge range of 2D and 3D animation apps available as per your skill level. 

Required information and guidance

Another important tip for choosing your animation app is to have the right animation software with the right information and guidance. Before you choose your animation app, you should check out the online tutorials and assistance available. 

It will make your animation work easier when you know there is abundant information and guidance available on how to work with the specific app. 

Define your purpose

Another consideration to choose your animation app is to first define your purpose of usage. Whether you need to use it for eLearning purposes, to increase your sales or you just want to capture public attention. 

All these queries will affect the level of animation app types you need. For instance, you choose an animation app to make videos for eLearning purposes which means your main purpose is to visualize the knowledge. So that you can make it more engaging and interesting. In such a case, a 2D animation app with simple motion effects is the best suitable for you. 

Have a check on your budget

Different animation apps come with different pricing plans. So, it’s better to research the quotations from various platforms and compare their feature sets to check the cost. 

Budget is the most important thing to decide the overall operations of any company. So, try to maintain it before coming to any decision on whether to buy software or spend on any other operational work. If you get all the required features in a free or less-cost animation app, then why spend extra on expensive ones?

Simply, if you have a budget to target a good and high-quality animation, then you should go for the best animation app available. On the other hand, if you have a low budget and you have less complex requirements, you can go for ordinary applications. 

Define your timeline

Production times are different as per the complexity of the work and the types of animation apps used. The time you take to launch animation videos has a direct impact on the business goals. 

So, before you choose your animation app, you should be aware of the production timeline with the particular software as per the animation type. This will help you to schedule your plan. 

Check animations and transitions

Checking animations and transitions in a particular application makes it easy for you to choose your animation app. Animations and transition features assist you in adding motion to your designs. 

Animations like keyframe animations help to create movement in characters or objects. This will help to do smooth transitions between different scenes of the videos. This feature is one of the most important to check before you decide to go with any animation application.

Massive online resource library

A good animation software should have default resources to help you produce videos from scratch. Such resources may include:

  • Animation templates
  • Characters
  • Audio, etc. 

Normally a good animation video maker should have an extensive range of themes and topics to choose from. You should look for an online resource library that matches your requirements. 

Support services

One can’t master any tool on the first go. They will need assistance from time to time. So, while selecting an animation application, you need to check the support services that the platform provides. 

Before opting for the animation app, you should ask the following questions:

  • Will they help you if you face any issues at any stage?
  • Do they provide online tutorials to help you work with the app?
  • Do they have an online community or group where experts share their knowledge and help others?

Many animation platforms offer basic support and customer service as a part of their plan including FAQs, email contacts, etc. With some good platforms, you may get telephonic support too. 

Do testing and refining

Last but not least, testing and refining are always important whether you do any development or design work. Before you finalize the animation app, you should:

  • Test the animation application completely to make sure all the features are intended.
  • You should gather feedback from users to know about any improvements or additional features.
  • You can optimize the performance and enhance the user experience. 

Apart from the given tips, here are some more basic features to consider in any animation app before you go for the one:

  • You should check for 2D and 3D modeling. 
  • You can check for the content library.
  • Drag and Drop capabilities are important to check.
  • Layering, Media Reports, and Rendering, etc. are some other features to keep a check.   

Summing Up

So, which animation app is good for you? 

It all depends on your requirements, and budget. There are a lot of animation apps available in the market. Some are better than others, but each one has its own set of unique features. 

With the aforementioned tips, you can choose your animation app effortlessly. Apart from that, you can consider the given criteria: 

  • The basic thing is to have powerful and full-fidelity animation tools to work with. 
  • The software should integrate with standard file formats, like, Sketch, Adobe, etc. 
  • It should be able to integrate with the production or development on some level. It should also export code on both mobile and desktop works. 
  • There should be dynamic interaction and easy integration for developers with the exported code. 

We hope this guide helps you choose your animation app to bring life to your videos.