Guidelines for a Secure App in 2023

Guidelines for a Secure App

90% of the time spent on mobile devices by the billion individuals who use them worldwide is spent using applications. Apps are now as ubiquitous as ice cream on a warm day.
Apps have become as common as ice cream on a sunny day. This is the reason app development is being taken seriously.

 There are many advantages of having your own app. This includes having a higher customer satisfaction range, a better reach in the market, and a unique platform to pipeline your products in the most attractive way possible.

 Businesses have been approaching Android app development company to help increase their profit rates and take advantage of this as much as possible. But along with these many functionalities, the question of security still lives in the background.

 Companies who create apps are making every effort to combat it. We will discover how to maintain your mobile apps secure in this article.

Understanding mobile security

A security issue is present in 50% of apps with five to 10 million installs. The 2 million apps on Google Play only have security flaws in 25% of them.

You must safeguard the information you keep on your device from outside intervention.

You require a robust security system that can shield you from malware because of this.

This is called security. Keeping your data safe. There are many steps in which your data can get pried on this. For example, when you make digital transactions, unsafe sites can put you at risk. Other than that emails are one other means to get your personal information in the wrong way. This is the reason one needs to be vigilant.

Insight about mobile app security assessment

App development and security are two complex mechanisms, they need to be handled with care. App development consists of various processes that include analyzing the market, choosing the right environment, and then finally starting with the development process. But security assessment is different. This has to deal with third-party intruders who try to access data without permission. In this process, cyber security experts check your app for possible threats and then try to fix it or find ways to prevent it. App development companies are trying to work on different mechanisms that will help strengthen the security service of the apps.

Why do you need Mobile app Security?

We are no longer a technologically backward world. Since the pandemic, app developers along with app development companies are trying to come up with new solutions to every problem. Amidst this, the threat to data is increasing rapidly.  Here are a few of the main explanations for why mobile security is necessary in the upcoming year.
These are what they are:

1.   Risk of losing financial data

When companies approach app development companies for business transactions, they expect the app to be secure. This is also true in the case of business tractions. Not only do they have the data of the customers like their pin numbers and banking details but also some things that are very personal to them. This is the reason why mobile security is necessary. Otherwise, the customer database and even the company database can be hacked into easily.

2.   Avoiding app theft

IP is your address on the internet. Just like your fingerprints, they are unique. If stolen you can get into trouble. But with mobile security hacking into mobile systems is extremely tough. At least one of the 25 vulnerabilities in the Android operating system might affect 82% of Android devices. This has become a major issue for app development companies in this financial year and needs to be cleared for them.

Guidelines for a secure app in 2023

App developers use some of the following mechanisms to secure their apps. The list below gives the details. It is as follows:

1.   Encrypting your databases

The database is a collection of similar data in a structured manner that can be retrieved. But these days, databases are also at risk. When we are using internal apps, the storage gets limited. To combat this problem people are starting to use external storage.But the fact that they are readily readable is a significant drawback of employing this external storage.
You must therefore exercise considerable caution. App developers use encryption in order to make these databases secure.

2.   Using your system storage efficiently

When you want to store some important information like passwords and other sensitive information like your personal images on your internal storage. Most apps use internal storage without permission or rather automatically. You must ensure that the appropriate passwords are setup even when the data mode is private.

By doing this, you’ll avoid losing your data in the most unanticipated manner possible.

Companies that create apps are looking for innovative solutions to protect the data storage that they use.

  1.   Using secure sites

Choose not to operate in case there are no secure connections like https mentioned on the sites. Most app developers who are new commit this mistake by being redirected to sites that are fraud. This induces their code with errors that go undetected even during compiling and then crash the system at the last moment after it has just been launched.  HTTP is one of the safest protocols available and is trusted by people all over the world.

  1.   CGM over SMS

CGM is not limited only to mobile apps, they can be used to push server data as well. We all know that SMS can be a bit unsafe. Consider this, as an app developer you send a secret password to your customer’s mobile id and it is not locked. An unknown intruder can read it and then access the file putting you at fault. But CGM is very different. It has an API key that is assigned to every query making it more secure and easy to transfer more sensitive information on the line.


With more and more mobile apps being released every second on the app store, they have become habitual. This is the reason most of the top development companies are being approached by businesses to aid in earning profit from it. We all know that apps use third-party authorization. This makes them risky. This is why we need to secure mobile apps. App development companies can take small steps that can help solve these security issues. Solutions include encrypting the database and switching to CGM over SMS. After all, it is the small steps that make a huge difference.