7 Styles Guys Find Attractive

Styles Guys Find Attractive

Here’s a rule of thumb for styles guys find attractive; anything that exposes just enough skin does the trick. Emphasis on “just enough”. A lot of guys don’t like it when their women’s clothes are too exposing. Frankly, the guys wouldn’t even allow their girls to go out in these outfits. But when the outfit just exposes enough flesh to give them a hint of the beauty within, it attracts them like a magnet.

However, the trick is not always in exposing any skin at all. Some guys don’t even want you to expose anything, unless you are alone with them in the room, of course! But to help you get it right, this article contains some styles that attract guys to you.

Styles Guys Find Attractive

Although there are more, these 7 styles have been found to consistently do the trick.

Highs Heels

This has been scientifically proven to be true. A man is more likely to approach a lady in heels. Heels give you some extra centimeters in height while making your legs look longer and thinner. Heels make you look like a model. Heels also have a way of giving your buttocks a more elegant look.

Heels can be uncomfortable if you wear them for long, and many guys know this. Yet they still ask their girls to wear them, especially when they are alone with them. That’s how much guys like them.

Anything Red

Red is a bright color, so it naturally attracts. Besides that, red signifies fertility and sensuality — two things that might as well be screaming feminity. So, when you want to attract your man, wear anything red. It could be something as simple as a red scarf, or as seductive as a red lacy top. Even if all the red you have on you is your red lipstick. Watch him long for you after that.

Simple Tops

It must be the simplicity of these tops, because men fawn over them a lot. Simple tops draw attention from your body to your face, especially now that there are a lot of outfits that draw unnecessary attention to the body. Not that this is bad, though (No judgments at all). Only that guys find it nice to see something different once in a while. So when you have a bright and dazzling smile to match your simple top, you already have their attention. And for many reasons, simple tops are one of the easiest outfits to pull off. It takes almost no effort.

Off-the-shoulder tops

These tops are close to the simple tops. As you might have suspected, it’s the exposed shoulders that do the magic. And the shoulders and arms of a woman are some of her best features. It gets better when the top looks simple and doesn’t compete for attention with your shoulders.

Something similar to the off-the-shoulder top is the crop top. Blackmerch.co offers a huge collection of black pride crop tops for black women.


Many men like it better when your skirt is short and bares your thighs while putting your legs on display. Some others like it to be knee-length, and others want their girls to wear long skirts. It’s a preference of the man, but it’s common for men to like skirts.


Men just love dresses. There’s something about a dress that attracts them, even when it is not tight-fitting. It could be the classy look it brings or the femininity about it. Dresses are usually a win for them.

They, however, like it better when the dresses are short and form-fitting, exposing your beautiful shape and some flesh from the thighs downward. It doesn’t have to expose your cleavage, though some men like this even better!


You can probably already guess why guys love ladies in leggings. Leggings hug your legs and accentuate your buttocks, almost like a second skin. So yeah, guys love it.

Besides making you look good, leggings are comfortable to wear. You can also wear them out for nights out and movie dates with your man. He’ll love it. Just don’t wear those tight leggings that expose your underwear. That’s a big turnoff.


The key is in not overdoing it. Don’t go out naked in the name of exposing a little skin, except it is something you want to do. We have handed you some of the most potent weapons to attract your guy. What you do with it is left to you.