Cute Ways to Style Your Favorite T-Shirt

Cute Ways to Style Your Favorite T-Shirt

T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for almost everyone. T-shirts are great if you are looking for a low-key vibe, or if you want to dress down something fancy, or dress up something not-so-fancy. And let’s not forget that T-shirts are comfortable and easy to wear. 

Another great thing about T-shirts is that you can pair them with many different outfits and styles. Gone are the days when a ‘T-shirt and jeans’ were the best way to wear your favorite shirt. Now, you can wear a T-shirt with just about anything. Not convinced? Put together by My Pride Apparel, who offers Black pride T-shirts for women, take a look at some T-shirt inspiration to help you style your favorite T-shirt.  

Pair it with a Tracksuit

Athleisure is a fashion trend that is here to stay. To up your athleisure game, pair your favorite T-shirt with a tracksuit and high heels. Add a few pieces of statement jewelry and you’ve got a hip semi-casual look. 

Wear it with a Blazer and Cutoffs

A T-shirt and cutoff shorts might seem a bit casual, but not if you add a blazer and some killer shoes. Fashion icons like Rhianna have made this outfit popular. A flouncy T-shirt with cutoff denim shorts is a casual look that quickly pumps up the volume with a Black or gray blazer. 

Wear it with a Matching Set

If you want a bit more of a dress-casual look, try pairing your T-shirt with a matching set of shorts and blazer.  A graphic tee and a coordinating blazer and shorts is a bold move, especially when paired with some killer sneakers. 

Pair it with a Pleated Skirt

A great way to dress up your favorite T-shirt is to pair it with a pleated skirt. A metallic pleated skirt and some statement jewelry take your T-shirt game to the next level. Be bold and don’t shy away from logos and graphics with this outfit inspiration. 

Add Some Outerwear

A chic yet edgy outfit combination making headlines is skinny jeans, a favorite T-shirt and some bold outerwear. A printed bomber jacket or faux fur vest over the right T-shirt can make a huge fashion statement. 

Wear it Under a Bustier

The lingerie-as-clothes fashion trend continues, but now it pairs with your favorite wardrobe staples – a T-shirt and jeans. Fashionistas like Camila Coehlo have been spotted wearing jeans, a white T-shirt, and a lace bustier on top. The right accessories make this outfit appropriate for many occasions. Not to mention, it’s hot!

The T-Shirt Dress

You can buy a T-shirt dress, or you can use your favorite T-shirt as a dress. If you have a T-shirt that is a little too big, or is a men’s size, you can make it into a dress by wearing tights or stockings with it. Add in some combat boots and a few fun accessories and you have a cool, edgy vibe that can’t be beat. 

Wear it with Overalls

If you are a fan of plain T-shirts, try pairing them with some colorful or patterned overalls. Polka-dot overalls are a playful way to add some flair to your favorite T-shirt. Accessorize with a casual crossbody bag and some sporty footwear. 

Try a Fitted Skirt and Booties

Your favorite graphic T-shirt can turn into a sexy retro style when paired with a fitted skirt and some sleek booties. Ashley Graham has been spotted wearing a graphic tee with a form-fitting Black skirt and sleek ankle-height boots. Some bold accessories complete this look perfectly.