What Goes with the Pattern Dresses? A Fashionista’s Guide

What Goes with the Pattern Dresses

Day by day, new trends are coming into the world and circulating around people.

Nowadays, you must be seeing pattern dresses being worn around by girls here and there.

Now, we know that pattern dresses are pretty popular. Yes, you can go out wearing just a pattern dress, but if you can boost it up with accessories, what’s to stop you?

That’s why we got some ideas for you that you can wear with your pattern dress to look better than ever. Without further ado, let’s have a look at what we got for you:

#1. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a classic that you can wear anywhere, any time, and with anything. Now since leather jackets can be worn with anything, they will look fabulous when you wear them over a patterned dress.

Leather jackets have the feature of enhancing your dress like crazy, and you will be out there feeling yourself!

Black leather jackets are just what you need. You can go for other color jackets as well, but honestly, black jackets can go along with anything.

Whatever color dress you are wearing- yellow, orange, blue, pink- you can just throw on a black leather jacket and look chic. Whether you wear it correctly or just throw it over and you will be good to go.

This quilted jacket is an example of what will look stunning on top of your dress!

#2. A cute little leather handbag

Yes, just like we mentioned above, leather jackets are a classic. But let us rephrase that – leather is a classic.

Everything made from leather will look chic on you. If you are giving up on the opportunity of buying everything in leather, you are seriously missing out!

If you are not carrying a handbag with your pattern dress, seriously, what are you doing? Handbags are a blessing. You get to carry all your belongings in a cute little bag, and you can look like a model while you do so.

Here’s a handbag that will look GOR-GEOUS with any type of dress you wear.

Sorry, I just can’t stress enough how AMAZING handbags are!!

#3. Sneakers! 

If you want to go around to run some errands, hang out with your girlfriends, or plan to do something that requires a lot of running and walking, sneakers are the best choice.

Get yourself some cute sneakers that will guarantee keep you and your feet comfortable.

And the reason why we put it here – they look magnificent with dresses. You can achieve a casual, cute, daytime look with these. Especially white sneakers, they look SO, SO BEAUTIFUL!

(Sorry for the excitement; I can’t help it!)

Basically, white sneakers are unique and something you definitely need in your wardrobe and pair with your dress.

#4. A pair of sexy heels

Sneakers are a more casual look, but heels – oh, my – they give you a look that you can’t achieve without it. The look you get from heels; you simply cannot get it from anything else.

Heels give out an elegant vibe, and you will look absolutely killer with them on along with your pattern dress.

Warning: Yes, we have said this a million times by now, but heels are something you should definitely own. Goes with literally anything!

So grab your heels and rock it on.

#5. Boots

Long boots, short boots, boots, boots, boots! 

Pairing your pattern dress with a pair of boots will be a great choice.

If you are going for long boots, a brilliant choice. If you are going with short boots, even better!

And forgive us if it gets too much, but leather boots are SIMPLY AMAZING!!

Look at these pairs of men’s leather shoes and tell us, do they not look gorgeous? Doesn’t matter if they are men’s leather shoes; you can pull it off just as good.

#6. Sunglasses 

Put on your pattern dress, wear that sexy black sunglasses of yours, and you will be looking smokin’ hot to go anywhere.

And let’s be honest, it looks like you got some attitude and class with some sunglasses on, right?

#7. A hat – howdy! 

If you want to give off a cowgirl look, getting yourself a hat will be the best choice you will make.

A Panama hat will look adorable with your pattern dress. Or just get a cowboy hat, and voila, you will be good to go –howdy mate.

#8. Scarf

Have a scarf at home? Don’t wait too long and grab it. When you are headed out and don’t know how to improve your dress, your scarf can be the savior. Trust us when we say this- a scarf will look great.

Get the scarf you have at home and wrap it around your neck, and you will be looking like a vogue model.

#9. Envelope clutch – a clutch that looks like an envelope

As the name suggests, the clutch looks like an envelope. You can open it like an envelope, throw in your personal belongings, and close it again – not so hard, right?

It might annoy you carrying a clutch around everywhere – it does get tiring after all – but hey, we are just here to tell you what will go along with your cutie little dress.

#10. Accessories – a lot of accessories 

Whatever you are wearing, you need to have accessories on yourself no matter what.

Watches, earrings, bracelets, anklets – so many things you can wear.

May we suggest, hoop earrings are literally perfect for any outfit. It is pretty popular and pretty loved, which really shows how amazing it looks.

You can wear a bunch of jewelry. After all, you can never go wrong with jewelry.

Grab every bit of jewelry you have, experiment with it, and keep the ones you think look good.

That’s all, folks. 

If you don’t believe us, go and try these on for yourself. You can come back later and tell us how right we were!

But in the end, it all matters that you love what you are wearing, and you feel comfortable in it!

Everyone has a different choice, and all we can do is give our suggestions. What matters, in the end, is what you like.