Top 5 PHP Development Frameworks That Speed Up Development

PHP Development

PHP is one of the most popular and most used languages for developing the apps and websites.

This language is seen to be quite stable and secure but it has evolved a lot ever since its inception.

With time the website complexities have augmented significantly and web developers consequently have to write thousands of lines of codes which takes a lot of time and is a tedious task. Added to that, developers also are compelled to begin from scratch everytime. Herein comes the need of PHP frameworks.

The PHP frameworks are nothing but small tweaks for altering the software offering general functionality with the help of user-written reusable codes. Such frameworks actually make this coveted swift development a reality.

These PHP frameworks are seen to be quite useful for generating the adequate revenue for the newcomers in the industry.

Even in 2020, the ultimate selection of the PHP frameworks is based on the requirements of projects and the discretion of the business.

Apart from reducing the workload of the developers these also enable faster development and businesses achieve reduced costs with high-quality web apps, all thanks to the PHP frameworks.

Here are some of the top 5 PHP development frameworks that speed up with the process of web development. Take a look.

Laravel –

This is one of the best PHP frameworks used by the core businesses. This does not just facilitate the development of rich web apps but also offers innovative features and restful routing. From simpler management of third party apps and easier database control to automatic application logic and automatic paginations – the features are diverse in this case.

Symfony –

Symfony is another one of the top-notch PHP frameworks that is most scalable. It is also one of the frameworks that calls for simpler website maintenance and faster creations of websites. You will also get Form Config, Validator, Templating and much more which make it one of the top PHP frameworks. Both Symfony and Laravel are popular and come with essential features. These benefits include –

  • Long-term support 
  • Faster development
  • Better security
  • Easier maintainability
  • Proven reliability
  • High flexibility

Zend –

Zend is often referred to as a glue framework on the basis of its component-based nature. It is an MVC based framework that is object-oriented and enables you to load the components needed as specific libraries. Through Zend you can focus just on the functions that you need and ignore the rest. This way developers can reuse the codes written which is great. For extending the functionality, it is quite simple to integrate this with external libraries. Here are some of the major perks –

  1. Use PHP object-oriented framework with MVC architecture
  2. Reuse the code thanks to the design of the platforms
  3. Integrate with external libraries
  4. Use just the components you want

CodeIgniter –

This is a lightweight framework that is known for the hassle-free installation and small footprints with minimum prerequisites of configurations. Including the documentation, CodeIgniter is just 2 MB in size -simple yet powerful. This comes with many prebuilt modules and is highly suitable for the dynamic website development.

In both shared and dedicated platforms, CodeIgniter enables smooth execution which contributes towards its popularity. This framework is also quite documented and because of the faster speed and solid performance, it can be used for developing lightweights apps. Easy error handling, encryption steps, simple security are some of the other features that make this platform again quite popular.

CakePHP –

This was the first PHP MVC framework to emerge and is still one of the best frameworks. Once you master its conventions set, you can focus on the development and get more work done fast. This also comes with an enriched library. In fact this should be your first choice if you want hard-to-find features. This enables you to

  • Benefit from a broad set of components
  • Use the conventions to code projects fast

These are the top PHP development frameworks as suggested by the professionals of PHP development services in India who are attached with the industry for a prolonged period and have diverse experience so as to know what can truly benefit both the developers as well as the businesses in order to create strong online presence.