Ideas for Greenery in Living Rooms

Ideas for Greenery in Living Rooms

Designing a living room is no less than an artistic labour. So always follow the trends while designing your living space! The latest fad is greenery; it tops the charts. People have sought to use greenery in decor to add some wonderful beauty to their living areas. Arranging flowers looks nice, but adding foliage stands out!

Plants are not limited to the garden or your balcony; they can make your living space look fresh and appealing too. Indoor plants add elegance and colour to our daily lives and living spaces. It makes our living room airy and makes us feel calm!

However, these plants must be positioned correctly. They need their own area to emphasise both their own beauty and the beauty of the living room. Here are a few suggestions for how to design your living room using indoor plants.

Customize your Plants

Play with different layouts. If you have specific ideas for how the pots for your plants should look, get them made to your specifications. Different kinds of pots are offered, including ceramic and designer pots. Choose any that you prefer, or paint the pots you already have to add your personal touch. It is a fantastic method to give your plants a decorative appearance! Once finished, put the plants wherever in your living room where you believe they would look lovely and be visible, such as on a shelf or counter.

Let Crawling Plants Trail across the Wall

There are some fantastic, beautiful trellises that you can place on your wall that are made of materials like bamboo and allow you to train crawling plants in a specific direction.

If you’re looking for a vendor to purchase from, we recommend this brand on Etsy.

Given that the trellis is so lightweight and easy to install with Command temporary hooks, this is a fantastic option for renters as well. It’s also a fantastic alternative to painting plain white walls if you don’t want to make the commitment.

Create a plant corner

Create a plant corner in your living room to liven up a barren area. You’ll finally have a reason to purchase every plant on your wish list and make a focal point in your living room by cramming an area with greenery. Utilize the various leaf textures to add variety to your plant corner. By selecting planters that coordinate, you can maintain the attractiveness of the space as a whole. You can also add little stepstools to give each plant a chance to shine.

Placing a Plant Next to the Sofa 

Most people ignore this concept. But if done correctly, it will look fantastic. Next to the sofa, place a big decorative plant. Find the ideal corner or the ideal spot adjacent to the sofa before setting it down. A person seated next to it on the sofa shouldn’t be touched or interfered with in any manner.

The plant will appear lovely and improve the aesthetics of the living area if it is positioned properly.

Create a tables cape

On your coffee table, arrange a collection of smaller plants, such as succulents, spider plants, or tiny ferns and snake plants, in striking or colorful pots to create a focal point. It’s a great perennial substitute for flowers, is more affordable in the long term, and needs less upkeep just the occasional watering.

on a windowsill

Consider setting up a variety of modest, sun-loving plants on your windowsill if your living room is cramped for space. You can be sure to have a standout display by utilising a range of plants and varying the heights and colours of your containers.

Fake Plants

This is also a really smart thought. Plants require a lot of upkeep, as we all know, so maintaining their health and freshness can be challenging at times. Therefore, fake plants are always an alternative if you believe you cannot manage the plants but still want to use them as decor in your living room. You can purchase a variety of imitation plants to use as living room décor. These plants give off a completely authentic appearance and can improve the design of your living area!