How Your Brand Qualifies a Presence on Wikipedia

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Several brands love to have Wikipedia presence, well if you are reading this, probably you already know why having a Wikipedia presence of your brand can be beneficial for you. If you are searching to understand how to have your brand hold a place on Wikipedia, and how to get one if your brand doesn’t qualify for one.

The basic requirements for inclusion

Not going into details but your brand may be supposed to qualify for the Wikipedia article if it has achieved potential coverage in several independent and reliable media sources

What is meant by independent and dependable sources?  Sources other than listed below that are neutral and active media means are considered safe;

  • Press kits, press releases, similar methods of publications.
  • Self-published articles.
  • Any subject was written or published by the enterprise, the members and sources interlinked with the company newsletters.
  • Advertisement and marketing publications through about and on behalf of the organization.
  • The corporate websites and other websites written and published or steered by the enterprise.
  • Copyrights either pending or taken for granted.
  • Other promotional means where the brand talks about itself if released by the brand or republished by other parties.

The extent of coverage

Insignificant and accidental coverage in any media source is not sufficient, and it might not be enough to just being highlighted only a couple of times. The coverage should provide information that can be taken advantage to add depth to the brands’ wiki page generator. If the extent of the coverage in a particular source is not considerable, then you should cite multiple sources. The insignificant and accidental coverage of a topic is not needed to establish the notability.

  • Sources that contain information that is accidental are;
  • Sources that only highlight the meeting times, the shopping hours and event schedules
  • The publications of the telephone numbers, addresses and the navigations in the business listings
  • Addition in the lists of individual enterprises
  • The season program or scoring from the sports event
  • Routinely announcements such as matters of hiring and departure
  • Short reports of mergers and sales
  • Simple acknowledgments of the product line being sold or changed
  • Notices of facility opening and closings
  • Routine announcements of opening and closing of local branches, franchise or place of business
  • Quotations from the enterprise personnel
  • Passing highlights quoting staff from the company or organization

Best practices to get your article published on Wikipedia

If there are several sources related to your brand that covers it more than the accidental coverage, you are lucky that your brands stand the notability policy for the article to be created on Wikipedia. But the bitter part is being eligible for the article doesn’t make it published out of miracle someone has to write it. Many options make it happen, you can take help from the member of the Wikipedia community or start writing on your own, or you can hire a service for it

If you choose to do it yourself

The standards of Wikipedia guidelines may not permit people to interlink to the brands to create the articles carefully, however, Wikipedia offers an article wizard that may allow you to create an article and will be then submitted for review to the editors and published if it complies with the standard of the community. Creating article on Wikipedia need a possible amount of knowledge that one must understand the necessary markup code required to be generated the rules related sources and their citations and how to write from the neutral point of view.

Writing from the neutral point of view can be the challenging part for the marketers and public relations and professionals, who notice the articles they create and take it down time and again since promotional and cheesy language has been used in the creation. If you don’t have the efficiencies successfully generate an article that can qualify independently from the Wikipedia editor’s review, there are other choices.

Requesting Wikipedia to write your article

Wikipedia has a list of requested articles you can also ask a particular article to be written about your brand. Some of the articles required may wait forever, though this is not a potential option if you have targets to achieve.

Hiring a Service

Since several people and agencies write the Wikipedia articles on behalf of the clients, many of them violate Wikipedia’s policies only to make a publication, be aware of them. A number of them are the fly-by-night that creates fraudulent accounts on Wikipedia to publish the article, stay away from them and skim out the reliable services that are only a handful.