Top 10 PHP Tips And Tricks That Can Make Developers Life Easier


Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP, acronym doesn’t follow the name), is a scripting language; open source, server-side language for web application development. Business is about how you present your work; nowadays it has become a trend to hire PHP developer who can help them with a dynamic website with great design. PHP is the most widely used tool for this, as it is by far the simplest & easily available script-based language. Here are some tricks & tips that may help you get better outcomes:

  • Framework make programs bloated

Frameworks are all helpful & awesome to use they make our task easier, no doubts, but only be used if they make enough sense. Sometimes programs can be written in a few hundred lines of your script, then why introduce a whole function for it. Frameworks are complex & make the task of debugging grim for simpler projects. Frameworks should be used according to the size of your project if it suits & will work well go ahead but don’t use it because everyone does.

  • Ternary Operators are a great help

These are like if statement only much shorter in coding language. To save time you can use a one-liner ternary operator than an ‘if-else’ statement which is mostly at least four lines.



$agestr = ($age < 18) ? ‘Minor’ : ‘Can Vote’;


  • PHP 7 is the way ahead

With advancement in technology you should retire your MySQL driver & use PHP 7. It has noticeably fast speed than the earlier version & has removed old legacy codes which cuts development time greatly.

  • Make sure you know about issets()

Isset can be a tricky function, must recognize the exact place it should be used. As it gives FALSE if the variable is NULL & TRUE for NOT NULL.

  • Be Careful with Suspension Operator

These operators are slow & can cause a problem while the performance. PHP changes the error report to zero making it even more difficult to look for the root cause of the error you can use issets instead.



$albert =& $albus;


  • You can encrypt your passwords

For version 5.5+ we can encrypt our password by saving it in a database. So, when you hire PHP developer, they can decode the saved password for that website. You can do this with the help of built-in md5(), hash(), Crypt(), etc.

  • Single Quotes are better

This an artless trick to be used if you wanna be a speedy programmer, just use single quotes (‘’) instead of double quotes (“ “). It saves time as well as the performance of your server.

  • Use Switch Case

Although the mechanism of switch case is like elseif control structure, if there is no block statement then it will continue till it encounters a break statement. A useful feature if you have the same out for many cases.

  • Copy data with cURL

You can use cURL function to retrieve your data from another server instead of file_get_contents() cause it makes your computer slow & irresponsive.

  • Imply Class Autoloading

You should ensure that the class file use is present within the page, its mostly easy but gets difficult if there are numerous files. So instead of including large header files from the library just use autoloading would save you from errors (regarding the file, not present).

We have covered some of the great tips for PHP developers that would save you a lot of time & in some cases money also. These are not the tricks that are there; once you start working with these, you will eventually stumble across a few more.

Author Bio –

Alex Jone is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on cake php development