Expensive Home Decor Trends from the 2000s to the 2020s


As we all know, home stylistic themes are continuously developing, and it feels like each day there’s something new. It is always evolving, and we can see a new trend every day. Different art, structures, and colors make the interior decorating trend updated daily. It is exciting to know how far we’ve come since the turn of the 21st century. By Rescaling the absolute most significant patterns of the past twenty years, and afterward, we will look forward to what we can expect at the beginning of another decade.

Let’s go back in time to remember some of the biggest home decorating trends of the previous years of the 21st century, and what changes we get in this precious time.

2000s home trend

Trends From the 2000s

The time of this decade is a time of inventions, the release of the first iPod, and the once-coveted Blu-ray disc. So we can not say it seemed a long time ago, some trends of the 2000s feel like they came from centuries past. We can find in the 2000s those obsessed with white kitchens and all of those mason jars collecting dust in the basement.

Bedrooms: Shabby chic

Before the age of “modern farmhouse” in the 2000s, there was shabby chic. They are famous for their rustic, slightly distressed look, shabby chic is a little bit vintage, a little bit country, and defines the 2000s. We can see the ruffled lace beddings and distressed white-washed nightstands; all are trends of shabby chic look in the bedrooms.

Living Room: Entertainment “stations.”

It was the time when Blu-ray discs and DVD players were still massive, all splurged on an oversized entertainment center of the house and all of our fresh new tech items. The oversized speakers and big-box TV which deliver the best surround sound to that new flat-screen TV, because of the big and large size we needed a bulky, heavy space to show off our prized home theater.

Kitchens: White kitchen cabinets

While those oversized living rooms may have been a thing of the past, but white kitchens are still holding strong years later even though it’s on the trend in 2020 too. In the 2000s, we can find deep, dark wooden cabinets, small kitchens with a washing area.

Bathrooms: Tuscan style

Tuscan-style bathrooms were in a trend that time, while some trends of the 2000s were understated and subtle. In that century, homeowners began to upgrade the size of their homes; we can see large bathrooms with lots of features and colors such as terracotta, ochre, and pair with dense, dark wood.

Paint Trends: Dark red and brown paint

In the 2000s a lot of use of neutrals and white color was used usually, especially in the kitchen and living areas, we also saw a rise in deep, dark reds and browns throughout the home. But most homeowners prefer light shades of color for their homes.


2010s Decor Styles

In the 2010s, the world is going to be changed; we saw the rise of the iPhone and increased awareness of climate change make the trend of home decor different. This decade was all about minimalism, and decor is no exception with lots of changes. Now let’s take a step back during these years, and what was once ornate and grand became understated and simple.

Bedrooms: Barn doors as closet doors

Closet doors have been in trend since the 2000s. In this decade, many homeowners decided to ditch the bifold door and embrace a sliding barn-style door instead. This change not only saved precious bedroom real estate but also offered a more streamlined and modern look.

Living Room: Poufs galore

In the 2010s, it was time to change from the patio to the indoor living room, it was all about the pouf. A pouf not only gives the home a place to prop up the feet after a long busy day  but also doubles as seating in a pinch. This was a significant contribution of the 2010s.

Kitchens: Open shelving

You can see in this decade more homeowners ditch the traditional cabinets and turn to open kitchen shelving instead. It was the start of modernization to shift towards the new culture. In the starting period, though, this new look of kitchens required more dedication and cleanliness, it also helps a kitchen feel open and airy.

Bathroom: Geometric tiles

Although subway tiles will probably never go entirely out of style in this decade, we saw many homeowners begin to experiment with different geometric tiles styles like hexagonal and diamond-shaped tiles to give bathrooms more visual interest.

Paint Trends: Millennial pink and hunter green

Two primary very different colors, pink and green, were equally hot in trends of the 2010s. We can see a twist turn from crisp whites to barely pinks and subtle roses. We also saw a trend with full-on moody deep hunter greens in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.


Look Ahead to 2020 and Beyond

The trends of 2020 make a splash with many surprises, but still, there are a few indications that will show where home decor is headed. Now we have separate space for every need and essential things, like big gardens areas, new balcony trends, parking space with big Metal buildings. Have a look at some of our predictions for home decor trends in the next ten years.

Bedrooms: Smart furniture

In the 2010s, we’ve already started to embrace smart furniture in the kitchen and living room, but this is the time to open the bedroom up the bedrooms with more high tech. Now we have nightstands with built-in USB ports and automatic lighting to beds, which can track the sleep, and we expect some more smart pieces to see in the bedroom.

Living Room: Boho and eclectic

In this new culture and high tech environment, we can see a shift from minimalism to maximalism, and we do not see this trend slowing down. The upcoming decade will be full of bright colors like cherry red, dark brown, merchant or blues, dense textures, and boho-inspired home decor.

Kitchens: Bright, colorful kitchens

The new trend of the kitchen is metallic color paint or dark combination of furniture with a color splash. But we can’t say that white kitchens will fade away, although more homeowners experiment with bright, bold kitchen cabinets and appliances.

Bathrooms: Cement sinks and natural materials

Bathroom trends shifted to cheaper products such as cement. But natural stones like limestone are also getting noticed for being eco-friendly, and give a classy look to the bathrooms.

Paint Trends: Dark is the new neutral

If you thought that beige paint was in only ’90s, think again. This versatile hue is back in this decade. Now more home decorators are swapping white for beige yet again with a new twist. We also see the moody, dark colors are not going away —in fact; we expect they will replace the neutral in nearly. People are shifted towards the natural beauty of their homes in 2020.