How AI Can Impact Our Digital Life in Coming Years


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is steadily becoming a part of human life. Most tech giants are using Artificial intelligence in developing their products and services. Tech organizations are trying to make our lives easier than ever. But what will be the future of humans when AI becomes an essential part of our daily life.

Some technological experts say that AI will improve the human effectiveness of multiple folds, but it would also threaten human anatomy and capabilities. Computers and other tech devices may match or exceed human intelligence sooner or later. Let us check out some impacts of AI on the future of humans.

Make lives easy

As time passes, humans are loaded with more stuff to handle. The daily tasks and responsibilities are increasing day by day. It means people have more responsibilities to handle now than a few years ago. The AI enables systems and devices will be available to use in our homes, vehicles, farms, and businesses that will save our time and money. Using AI solutions, people will have more time to focus on making a living and spending time with our families.

Automated daily tasks

As the above point describes, most of the devices and appliances will perform their day to day tasks, freeing-up the homeowners to do more meaningful work. For example, the lights will dim or turn off automatically when there is no one in a room. Other home appliances, like smart assistants, will control all the appliances, and they will perform their work without the need for instructions from owners.

High-quality Healthcare

Technology has already enabled us to develop AI devices to diagnose and treat patients for almost all types of illnesses. AI devices enable doctors and medical practitioners to diagnose the existing and potential diseases and treat them at the right time. AI also helps in other ways like advanced diagnostics, connected devices, robot enabled surgeries, pain management, and virtual nurses, which helps in offering quality healthcare to patients.

Everything Connected

In the future years, AI will connect everyone human and device to more and more humans and devices. All the AI-enabled devices in your homes and office will be connected and able to communicate with each other. You might be able to control every other equipment from a single device.

Moreover, once you offer instructions to your devices, there will be no need to control them as they will work and coordinate themselves using AI technology. For example, the GPS device in the car of a person traveling back home will communicate with the door locks to open them as he/she reaches home. Moreover, these devices will also communicate with the lights and HVAC systems to turn on the lights and adjust the temperature according to their preferences.

Business and Security 

Businesses are already using AI tools to study the interests, tastes, and buying habits of people to offer relevant products and services. For example, if you view a musical instrument on a music store online, you will start seeing the ads of other stores offering the same or similar product. As AI enables software and apps to become more prominent, they will help businesses understand their customers better and offer them the right products and services.

A threat to human intelligence

Artificial intelligence can pose a significant threat to human autonomy and capabilities. The AI software and machines with learn complex decision making, analytics, pattern recognition, language translation, and visual acuity. Software and machines with these capabilities will soon take the place of humans leading to loss of jobs and employment. It means humans may suffer the loss of jobs, and their investment in education and training will become less valuable.

Human Agency

The decision making will be automatically coded to tools that will be code-driven. Humans lack input and may not be able to learn the working of machines. People will sacrifice privacy and freedom to make choices.

Data Abuse

Most AI enables tools are in the hands of organizations striving for profits and governments. Ethics and values are not considered while designing digital systems. It means that people are not independent to take decisions. Even in democratic countries, governments and large organizations use AI to track and steal data of their citizens and make decisions for them. Once the government forms the decisions, people are obliged to follow them. Moreover, governments and organizations have the personal data of people that they can use in ethical and unethical ways.

Final Words

These are some ways in which Artificial Intelligence will affect our lives in the future. There will be some advantages as well as disadvantages. However, despite some problems, it cannot be stopped as there is a growing demand for AI tools and devices in every market. Businesses want to make money, governments wish to more power to rule, and ordinary people want more comfort. As AI technology is capable of offering all these things, it is sure to change the future of mankind.