Reasons Why Your Garage Door Remote is Not Working

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Remote is Not Working

When you are going back to your home after a long and tiring day at work or after running duties, you are pressing the garage door opener remote to know that your garage door is not responding to your signals. The garage door of your home is possibly your most repeatedly used door. Therefore, it is typical for the garage door system to encounter some functionality problems. Because of this, you might be thinking of getting your garage door remote replace.

Either your garage door will not respond as prompted. Or, it might be having issues to run continuously. Homeowners need to know the common reasons why their garage door will not react with the remote and understand how they can resolve the issue appropriately. And, ask yourself the below-mentioned question to know the real situation.

What If the Remote Batteries Are Dead?

Do you recall when did you last replace the batteries in the opener remote? If your garage door remote has unexpectedly stopped giving a sign for your door to lift up and down, examine if the batteries have depleted before contacting your expert local garage door for repair. Garage door opener remote batteries generally survive for about two years before having to be replaced.

To test if your transmitter’s batteries are dead, try to use your wall-mounted control panel to unlock the garage door. If the door is responding, then the depleted batteries are possibly the reason.

What If There Is Disturbance in Remote Signal? 

After putting new batteries in the remote, the remote and the opener transmitter signal might be disturbed if the door is still not responding. The first reason for the signal interruption can be that the range of your remote is weak. Or, the opener signal receiving antennae might be damaged.

If there is an issue of range, then stand about 20 feet from the garage door and try pressing the remote button. If the remote is distant from the garage door, the signal will not be powerful enough to open the door. If the remote functions correctly, see if the opener’s antenna is not having any extra residue buildup, is pointed to the door, or is not damaged. If the antenna is broken, contact your local repair specialists to examine the issue and do repairs.

What If the Lock Button Is Engaged?

Another common garage door fix is to ensure that the lock button on the wall-mounted control panel of the garage door is not engaged. You could accidentally push this button when conducting regular activities, and you can disengage the garage door lock quickly by pressing the lock button. After opening the door, check the door’s systems by pressing the open button of the control panel.

What If Your Remote Needs to Reprogram?

It will help if you want to reprogram your garage door remote before contacting your regional garage door repair professionals to examine your malfunctioning network. Sometimes, with daily use, the signal between the opener and the remote can be disturbed and requires reassociation.

You can also check if the reprogramming went successful by opening and closing the door using the remote.

Door Control Wiring Malfunction 

If the remote and wall-mounted board technique doesn’t lift or lower your door, then you may possess trouble with your garage door system’s control wiring or the opener’s receiver panel. Instantly check the quality of your opener’s wiring by following these steps:

  1. Unplug the opener and detach the two wires from the motor
  2.  Connect your gadget to power, then remove its prior memory and reprogram all remote commands
  3. Unplug the machine again and then reconnect the control wiring to the device
  4. Find the wall-mounted controls and detach the wiring
  5. You can use your garage door opener remote to check the performance of your door


After doing all your observations on the above-mentioned troubling responsibilities, if you discover any problems related to the common reasons, you can quickly fix them by yourself at home. However, if your garage door opener remote is still not responding to the remote opening signals, you can contact a local experienced and skilled garage door technician near you for garage door opener repair. 

An expert garage door repair technician will have vast experience with these types of situations. He will be able to examine your garage door opener system and advise you for repairs or hardware replacements. Moreover, the expert technician can also help you with any situation you are facing.