Cell Phone Spy without Access to Target Phone

Cell phone spy

Have you ever used a spy app to track a mobile phone without access? The cell phone tracking app enables user to monitor and control a mobile phone without taking into possession. Parents across the world take support of spy app to keep track of mobile phones used by their children. They remotely supervise the online and offline activities of kids to protect them from the potential dangers of the digital devices.

We have discussed here how cell phone parental control app lets you track a cell phone without having access.

Best Hidden Cell Phone Surveillance App

There are scores of mobile apps letting users to monitor and operate a smartphone device without letting the target know. However, the selection of an efficient app matters to get desired outcomes. It is important that you choose the best mobile app for mobile phone tracking. The hidden cell phone tracker app like TheOneSpy can be recommended to non-tech savvy parents for child monitoring. It enables user to keep an eye on almost every cell phone activity of kids without letting them know. It works with complete secrecy without producing any sound or notification on the target device.

How to Sneak Into a Cell Phone Remotely

To monitor a cell phone, you need to get it installed with the surveillance app. After installation, the app gets access to important phone data and uploads to an online portal. You can log into the online portal to access the data that includes but not limited to contacts, photos, videos, voice recordings, messages, call logs and keylogs. Given are the features of the cell phone surveillance app.

Watch Out Social Media Apps

You can detect how your target uses social media apps. The mobile phone monitoring app allows user to supervise the use of social networking apps including Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Hangout, Tumblr, Telegram, Kik, Tinder and IMO. Parents can access chats of their kids including incoming and outgoing messages, group chats, audio calls and video calls.

Block/Uninstall Apps

The mobile phone apps installed on the target phone can be controlled via online control panel. The apps can be blocked unblocked or uninstalled without accessing the device.

Retrieve Deleted Chats

The monitoring app lets you review the messages received and sent by your target. Parents can closely watch out their kid’s chats including one-on-one and group chats containing text, photos, videos, stickers and emoticons.

Call Recording

The surveillance app lets you listen to the phone calls of your target. It records all incoming and outgoing calls and allows retrieving calls anytime right from the online control panel. It also syncs call logs containing call details and contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Screen Recording

Whatever appears on the screen of the target phone can be watched and recorded without accessing the phone. The app records phone screen and takes screenshots to let the user know what target is doing on his phone. The remotely captured video and screenshots get uploaded to the online portal from where you can retrieve them anytime.

Retrieve Media Files

The spyware app lets you see photos and videos saved in your kid’s phone gallery. You can detect if your kid is receiving age-inappropriate media files from a predator. The app creates online backup of all media files and lets you retrieve deleted photos and videos as well.

Manage Contacts

The parental control app takes you right to the Phonebook of your kid’s phone. You can make additions and deletions from the Phonebook to restrict your kids from contacting unwanted persons. The app also lets you know if a contact number is saved with wrong name or fake information.

Access Browsing History

Do you know which websites your kids visit frequently? The monitoring app gets access to the internet browsing history of kid’s phone and uploads to the web portal. It lets you know what information your kids search on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and commonly used internet browsers.

Surround Recording

The high-tech cell phone surveillance software lets you witness real life activities of your concerned ones. Remaining anywhere in the world, you can see your loved ones; listen to their talks and capture their events. The monitoring app lets you turn on cameras and microphone of your kid’s device by sending remote command. You can take photos and make videos of the surroundings and retrieve the remotely captured media through the online portal.

The cell phone spy app offers numerous other features to remotely monitor and operate the mobile phones of concerned ones.