Avoid These 6 Things to Master Your Job Interview

Avoid These 6 Things to Master Your Job Interview

Thanks to the Internet, lots of new ways to make a fortune have appeared. For example, you can post videos on YouTube or win a jackpot when you press the 22Bet casino login button. But a traditional job is still the most popular income. And if you want to get a job, avoid these 6 things during the interview.  

Avoiding Eye Contact 

Modesty and shyness are fine qualities, but not in a job interview. Such behavior may convince the recruiter that you lack self-confidence, that you are easily intimidated, and/or that you are insincere. Also, pay attention to the opposite of an overly stare, which can make the interviewer uncomfortable or speak of overconfidence. 

Stress and Anxiety

Clenched fingers, biting lips or nails, rubbing a pen or strand of hair, trembling, or constantly changing your body position show what you’re stressed. During the interview, try to control your gestures and voice so as not to distract the HR manager’s attention from the most important thing: your words. To minimize the risks, mend your hair, put both feet on the floor, and leave any accessories in your bag. 

Inappropriate Appearance

Depending on the company and position, certain dress code rules should be followed. For example, for an interview at a law firm, don’t appear in jeans, dirty shoes, or with an unkempt appearance. Consequently, it is necessary to dress according to the intended work, for example, a suit and tie for a bank, law firm, or public service. If the job involves a lot of physical activity, such as warehouse or construction work, a well-groomed appearance, a decent shirt and jeans will suffice. 

Excessive Seriousness

A smile during a job interview is important not only because it’s a good communication tool but also because it helps to defuse the situation immediately. In turn, a somber or overly inexpressive demeanor can disqualify you in the eyes of the recruiter, especially if the desired position involves dealing with customers. It’s the same with crossing your arms, it’s a gesture that ends any dialogue. 


Self-confidence is a good thing, especially if your behavior is consistent with your professional qualities. However, don’t be too boastful, don’t take every success in previous positions as a rule, and don’t try to assert yourself at the recruiter’s expense, even if you are a top-notch professional. Your phone should also be off or on silent mode.

The Interview is a Dialogue

Recruiters value candidates who know how to listen, so simply answer the questions you are asked without making unnecessary digressions, especially about your personal life. If you don’t understand some questions, don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer to repeat what he said.