The Role Played by the Video Lectures in Your IAS Exam preparation

Video Lecture

The Video lectures go a long way as far as the IAS Exam preparation is concerned. And the advantages are greater in number than you might have thought of initially. Besides, they vary in nature. Thus, you are benefitted in multiple ways to prepare for the Exam in a manner to score an edge over the competition.

Video Lectures VS. Traditional Ways 

Nobody can deny that the traditional methods are time tested. And that explains why they are still there. However, Video lectures i.e. Online IAS Coaching do score an edge over the traditional methods to prepare for the IAS Exam in more ways than one as described below:

#1. You have greater time at your disposal: In case you opt for attending the offline classroom coaching sessions, a lot of your time is simply going to be wasted in commuting. Besides, you would definitely be required to manage your time for attending the coaching session itself. That’s why you are visiting the institution anyway!

However, if you opt for watching the videos repeatedly, you may simply do so while staying in the comfort of your home. You are not required to visit any institution or for that matter anywhere for the sake of preparing for the IAS Exam. Thus, the commuting time is automatically saved. And, as a result, you have greater time at your disposal.

#2. You do not have to alter your learning pace: You have to be all ears, listening to every word that the faculty utters if you aim at understanding fully well what is being taught in the regular classroom. Even a little carelessness might result in your missing something relevant from the lecture. And that of course requires that you would be required to alter your speed of learning to match that of the faculty delivering the lecture in the class room.

However, you would not have to alter your learning pace if you are watching a video. In that case, you can watch the same repeatedly, as many times as you require if you find any of the concepts somewhat too complex to be understood by watching the video just once. Thus, you can complete whole UPSC Syllabus as per your requirement i.e. faster or slower.

#3. You can take down notes as per your own convenience: While attending a lecture in a regular classroom, you are required to take down notes with absolute precision as the lecture is not going to be repeated.

However, in the case of a video lecture, you can jot down the notes in a more relaxed frame of mind for you can watch the video repeatedly in order to make sure that you have taken down the right facts.

#4. You can prepare at the time you think is the best: You might be having some unavoidable preoccupations, but you must be there in the classroom to attend the scheduled lecture.

But when it comes to prepare by watching the videos, you have all the time to attend to whatever preoccupation you might be having. And go ahead with watching the videos at the time you think is best. Thus, your preparation for the IAS Exam goes ahead as per own convenience.

The Dos and Don’ts while preparing for the IAS Exam by means of videos

Well, till now, it has been all about how the videos score over the traditional class rooms when it comes to prepare for the IAS Exam. But, it is advisable to be aware of what to do and what not to if you want to reap maximum advantage of learning and preparing for the IAS Exam by means of watching videos.

The Dos

  • Maintain focus and concentrate well: As you do not have to commute for you may watch the videos simply staying at home, you may save both your time and energy to a considerable extent. And it can help you maintain a greater focus on your preparation for the CSE. So, if you want to reap the maximum benefit concerning the preparation, it would be in the best of your interests to maintain the focus and concentrate well.
  • Make it a point to understand the video lectures with crystal clarity: You may watch the videos repeatedly. Thus, you get complete opportunity to watch and re-watch the video session. Make proper use of it to gain crystal clarity of what all is being taught in the video sessions.

The Don’ts

No Diversions from the syllabus: Watching the videos is usually accompanied by the temptation to get carried away by the diversions every now and then. Nobody can deny that preparing for the IAS Exam by means of watching the videos is usually preferred by the candidates who prefer self study over attending the regular classroom coaching sessions.

Thus, when you come across a content (co-related to what you have been reading) across the Web, you are quite likely to read it! However, though it might be co-related to what you have already been reading, it might not form a part of what UPSC prescribes for the CSE syllabus.

And if that be the case, it would do well that you do not leave any provision for any kind of diversion from the syllabus even in the least. It is best to remember that UPSC syllabus requires sufficient time to be completed for it is too long. Thus, how can you think of diverting from the syllabus even for a little time?

Finally, though you are to watch the video enjoying all the comfort of your home and at your own convenience, do not forget that it is the continuity of learning that finally yields success. Persevere for perseverance pays! Watch and re-watch the videos. Gain a thorough understanding of what the video sessions teach.

And to top it all, never forget to revise. Besides, there is an additional benefit of watching the videos ( apart from whatever has been said above in the favour of video watching) that whenever you re-watch a video, you are preparing for the IAS Exam, apart from revising at the same time!

Wish you all the best & all Success!