Expand Your Business with Customer Video Testimonials

Customer Video Testimonials

Any organization looking to expand its business needs to look for growth. This is possible through an increase in customer base and higher sales. For this to happen, it is important to get new customers for the business. A new customer can be acquired through marketing activities where the company needs to spend time and effort. An easier way is to tap into the goodwill from existing customers to generate new business.

One of the best ways to do this is to create customer video testimonials. A customer video testimonial is a video review of your product by your customers. Instead of text-based reviews that are popularly seen on review sites, a video review in the form of a testimonial will be more effective. Such reviews can attract attention, create interest in your product, generate a desire for a new customer to buy your product, and prompt him to take action to make the purchase

The Power of Video Testimonials

An organization can very easily expand its business by creating top-quality professional video testimonials. Such testimonials provide many benefits for a company like:

  • It helps to establish the credibility of the business. A customer talking about the benefits of using a product is the best marketing for the product. This establishes business credibility in the eyes of a potential customer.
  • Video testimonials are effective in establishing connect with customers. It is not just providing the information and views of other customers about a product but can help create an emotional connect. This is the main reason why customer video testimonials can be helpful for a business. It establishes an emotional connection between a customer and a prospective customer, which helps to convey a powerful marketing message.
  • A video testimonial is a narrative where a customer narrates his/her experiences with a product. These experiences tell a story of how a customer discovered a product whose benefits helped in solving a problem or meeting a need. This kind of narrative can be very helpful in convincing a customer about a product and can thus boost its sales.
  • Video testimonials not just help in marketing efforts but can motivate the organizations’ staff. A video testimonial tells the staff that what they are doing is good and can motivate them to strive better to keep customers happy.
  • Statistics very clearly establish that customers make purchases after going through reviews. A video testimonial is a powerful review that is much more authentic and credible than a text review. It can have a direct influence on the customer’s decisions to make a purchase.
  • Video testimonials on an organization’s websites can help it attract more visitors. Well-made video testimonials can attract customers and they can be shared on social media making them go viral. This can bring in traffic to a website thus attracting new customers who can view the video and be convinced.

Video testimonials are a classic example of video marketing, an effective way of content marketing. They can increase traffic to a company’s website and benefit in many ways.

Having understood the benefits of video testimonials in expanding your business, if you wish to create your own testimonials then go through the following tips to help you.

  • Create a testimonial where a customer is in his/her natural settings, at home or office. This kind of video testimonial appears more natural and looks more convincing. A video recorded at a studio would appear artificial and look more like an advertisement.
  • A convincing video testimonial can be created in the form of a story where an existing customer narrates his experiences in using the product. The video must focus on the benefits of a product rather than its features. This would make it appear more convincing.
  • A video testimonial should not be more than 3 or 4 minutes long. People do not have the patience to watch long videos. A short video that is to the point and concise will help to convey the message in a clear way and convince a prospective customer on the product’s benefits.
  • A video testimonial can be recorded by a customer and even posted on social media. However, these videos may look amateurish. It is better to request customers to participate in a video shoot. The services of a professional can create a quality video that is recorded using quality equipment and properly edited to make it look appealing.
  • The narrative must be structured properly but a script should not be used, as it will look artificial. The customer must speak in his/her own language without memorizing a script.

A business can expand its reach and bring in new customers by creating customer video testimonials that can convince new customers to buy the product. This is a more cost-effective way of customer acquisition.