How do Seasons Affect the Moving Process?

How do Seasons Affect the Moving Process

Moving to a new place in any season can be a challenging and stressful experience. During the winter, the level of difficulty moving from one place to other doubles compared to conducting the same process in summer or spring. However, each season has its beauty, unique challenges, and specific advantages.

So, when planning to shift your house in any season, take into consideration all the twists that different seasons have to offer to choose the best time to move. Therefore, to be able to make the right decision and choose the right mover like removalist parkwood for your moving adventure, you need to be well aware of everything related to the process.

Hence, to make your processing easier during different seasons, we have discussed everything from advantages and disadvantages:

Moving house in summer 

Summer is, without a doubt, the busiest season for the moving process. However, moving during this time of year comes with pros and cons.


  • The advantage of summer moves is that children are not in school. It may seem that the summer weather provides the ideal location for getting around.
  • With lush grass and blooming flowers, most properties are beautiful under the summer sun. Hence you can choose the best house for yourself.
  • The summer weather is one of the best times to travel as at this time, you don’t have to worry about rain or unsafe conditions as often seen in other seasons.


  • Prices and competition are high in summer. You will not have as much time to think about an offer or purchase as during the fall or winter.
  • Summer month is considered to be one of the best times to travel, so proficient movers may not be available easily when you want to plan to move, as well as costs are usually higher.

Moving house in winter 

Winter is the least popular season for moving. There are only a small percentage of people who decide to test their luck and move during the winter season. But what they can tell you is that such a decision means that you have a lot more moving companies to choose from. Unlike moving in the summer, where you have to book your movers months in advance, you will find that moving in cold weather allows you to relax and book your movers a week or two in advance.


  • Winter moves are often less expensive as people usually don’t think about moving in the cold months.
  • Since the housing market is not as busy, people trying to sell quickly will be open to negotiations – perhaps you could get a better deal on the house you want.


  • Cold temperature and unsafe weather can cause various problems. Also, freezing ice and snow are not only a potential problem for drivers, but also for professional movers who lose ground when loading and unloading your household items.
  • There are also several winter vacations to consider. While it may be easier for your family to move during school or work vacations, others are busy celebrating holidays and family reunions that you may have to give up because of your move.

Moving house in spring 

Spring is a time of change and new starts, which are probably one of the reasons why these first weeks of fabulous sunshine and longer days, are prompting movers to look for a new home. If you are considering shifting your home and making this critical decision, spring is the perfect time to get your projects started.


  • Spring is one of the best months to move because the schools are at the end of the school year, and the weather is generally reasonable.
  • Hiring mover like removalist parkwood will be cheaper and more readily available during the majority of the spring months.
  • The bonus point in spring is generally considered the best season to sell a house. Anyone looking to buy a new property will prefer to close the deal in the spring.


  • Spring weather is very unpredictable and changes rapidly. People can face excessive rain and even storms with tornadoes or lightning, which can damage your property if something gets too wet.

Moving house in autumn/fall

Fall is one of the most popular times to move and find a new home. Moving in the fall is perfect for creating a comfortable home, but if you are planning to renovate your new home, this may not be the best time of the year.


  • The first significant advantage of moving in the fall is that the weather is generally cooler than in the summer months. The fall weather means it won’t be as difficult to move heavy objects or make multiple trips to and from the moving truck.
  • Moving in the fall month gives you time to unload/unpack and settle into your new home long before the holiday arrives.


  • Some parents do not prefer to change their children’s school in the middle of the school year. This is why so many families move out during the summer. If you are concern about the stability of your children, then moving in the autumn month may not make sense to your family.
  • While fall weather is colder than summer weather, but in some parts of the country, the weather can be of concern during the autumn months.


The moving process is complicated, and therefore, it is impossible to say whether moving by time is a good thing or not. It all depends on what you find essential. If you want to save money, it’s clear what you’re going to do. Likewise, if you want to avoid bad weather, you will not think of winter or autumn.

Although professional movers like Removalist Parkwood take care of most of the issues involved in a moving process, there are certain things for which you alone are responsible. Just be sure to think carefully and make the most informed decision. Also, take care of your staff during the moving process is essential for successfully shifting the house.