11 Technology Improvements Lead to Better Paints


The advancement in construction technology is not limited to innovation in building materials and construction techniques. The paint and coating industry has also witnessed significant improvement to make paints that stick better and last longer.

The innovations in the manufacturing of paint and application techniques have led to the production of coatings that are easy to apply, last longer, and save energy. Latest check some improvements in technology that offered us the best paints available to use in homes and offices.

Self-cleaning paint

The technology has helped paint manufacturing companies develop Paints with highly useful Properties. Paints made with self-cleaning Technology do not require frequent cleaning of surfaces. Also, they are waterproof that makes them durable, and they do not get worn due to water and moisture in the environment.

The water forms droplets on the paint surface that also picks the bacteria and viruses why rolling down, thereby cleaning the surface. Developments like self-cleaning paint can have a big impact On walls and surfaces that are exposed to extreme conditions like heat, dust, and moisture.

Self-cleaning paint is designed to prevent dirt from adhering to it gently enough to wash it off the next shower. Such paint also needs a properly prepared surface. Such a coating also protects the concrete salts against efflorescence.

Indoor air quality

The latest innovations in Paint Technology can improve indoor air quality to a great extent. Formaldehydes and aldehydes that originate from fabrics carpets and insulation are the real culprits that reduce the indoor air quality. Paints made with modern technologies use less formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds in their formula to enhance the indoor air quality in homes and offices.

Elimination of odors

From residential to Commercial to Healthcare departments, the air odor is common in such areas. The air quality is worst in kitchens, bathrooms, and hospitals due to unpleasant odor. The modern paints now come with odor eliminating technology. To eliminate the common orders present in indoor and outdoor areas.

Surface preparation for paint

Paint manufacturing technology has also changed the way surfaces are prepared for paintwork. In the earlier years, painting companies used the process called sandblasting To remove the old paint from a surface and prepare it for the paint job. The technique worked, but it throws plenty of dust into the environment and does not provide perfect results.

Nowadays, paint manufacturing companies are using new Materials to make sandblasting more safe and Efficient. The technology prepare sheet surfaces better than ever for the paint job to make the paint stick best and last longer.

Microbicidal properties

Paint manufacturing companies are making their paint with microbicidal properties That kill bacteria on the surface of the paint and continue to do so for extended periods of time. The technology kills most types of bacteria within 2 hours of their appearance on the surface. It means that walls, doors Windows and other painted surfaces will stay bacteria free for years.

Reduction of mold and mildew

The reduction of mold and my mildew is another innovation in Paint manufacturing technology. The technology prevents the growth of mold and my due on the surfaces of paint and also prevents odor in the interiors. The prevention of the formation of mold and mildew also enhances the indoor air quality and makes the paint last longer.

Third-Party Certifications

Many paints follow rigorous low emission standards, too. Organizational certifications such as The Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI) help assess and approve if paints meet the rigorous requirements for low indoor VOC emissions. GEI aims for the protection of human health and quality of life by setting guidelines and certification programs to minimize chemical pollution and enhance the quality of the indoor air.

Introduction of apps

Besides different paint styles and improvements to the way it is applied, there is another way in which technology extends its roots in the painting industry. Apps enable people to more efficiently carry out their work while organizing and running industrial painting projects.

Whether modeling a project in a virtual environment or managing the paperwork and documentation required on a complicated job, there are apps that make the industry run much smoother.

Drying Time

The paints now come with quick-drying properties as technology has now made it possible to make paints that dry out in an hour. Paints made with conventional technology take 5 to 8 hours or even a day for drying. However, drying paints also come with a disadvantage. If it is a water-based paint, when you roll back the roller on the dried paint, it may come off from the surface.

Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic paints

A hydrophilic paint is water-loving and holds a strong wet edge as you paint a surface. On the other hand, hydrophobic paint falls in the category of fast-drying paints. A super-hydrophobic paint comes under the umbrella of self-cleaning. If water can rinse off dirt while basically keeping the surface dry, that eliminates the need for periodic washing of the ground.

Paint and Primer Combo

The combination of priming and topcoat is another step that manufacturers have taken to make application simpler. Paint and primer coatings built-in allow consumers and professionals to pick up one single coating product and skip the actual priming phase. There are still two coats of the substance to be added, but it brings the priming technology straight into the can. Moreover, using the paint and primer combo saves a lot of time as user need to paint only one or two coats of the combo.

Final Words

These are some improvements in paint technology that enables manufacturers to produce high quality and long-lasting paints. Moreover, the combinations of paints and primers enable the users to paint and primer in a single coat that reduces the time to half. Users can also choose a fast-drying paint if they have less time to complete a project. However, regardless of the paint you choose, it is essential to hire a professional service like Painters Allawah to paint your house or office.